Genuine BMW Rear light in the side panel, right (63212992478)


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Number on the scheme: 1
Part number: 63212992478 (63 21 2 992 478)
Description: Rear light in the side panel, right
From: 31.08.2009 production
To: No
Kit: No
Weight (kg): 0.81
Brand: BMW
Note: No
Information: No
Installation: -
Comments: -
Instruction: -


X1 E84 Sports Activity Vehicle
X1 16d (VY11/N47N), X1 18d (VN11/N47), X1 18d (VN71/N47N), X1 18dX (VP11/N47), X1 18dX (VP71/N47N), X1 18i (VL31/N46N), X1 20d (VN31/N47), X1 20d (VN91/N47N), X1 20d ed (VZ91/N47N), X1 20dX (VP31/N47), X1 20dX (VP91/N47N), X1 20i (VL91/N20), X1 20iX (VM91/N20), X1 23dX (VP51/N47S), X1 25dX (VM71/N47S1), X1 25iX (VL51/N52N), X1 28iX (VM11/N20), X1 28iX (VM31/N52N)